Welcome to PT Karya Intan Maksima

Posted by admin on 08-May-2012

KIM Mining Corporation

PT. Karya Intan Maksima ("KIM') is a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Republic of Indonesia, focused on iron sand mining. We are granted licenses to export of mining products. Our off-shore iron sand concession area of 2237.37 ha of Nothern Maluku Province.

Due to our significant deposit, we are pleased to open business oportunity as partnership with other parties who are interested in iron sand mining business.


KIM Describe

Posted by admin on 13-August-2012

KIM Mining Corporation

As a new comer in iron sands business, currently PT. Karya Intan Maksima already has all mining licences required. KIM has targeted to commence iron sand production up to 100,000 metric tons.

Vigorously we are preparing everything for our first shipment with a determination to render the best service possible for our distinguished customers.

Our Posowani Block is a 8km x 2-3km exploration target containing more than 48.9 million meter cubic of iron sands with total (targeted) Fe total ± 55% and Ti02 ± 8%, which will be extracted by dredger vessel and processed by magnetic separation.




On Going Project

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CSR, Our Corporate Responsibility

As part of its commitment to the society and to carry out the aspiration of the founder, KIM is now developing a team to first identify the primary need of our stakeholders in the region, in cooperation with local government, organizations, environmental body and key people within the area. Company will strive to improve social and economic conditions beyond company operation to promotes a better standard of living and expand our ability to conduct business.

The Company is also planning to utilize the community economic potentials simultaneously honoring the Company’s commitment to improve their living standard. In this program the Company extends physical and non-physical aid to a wider extended areas.

Our Site

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Ngajam-Dorume, Loloda, North Halmahera, Maluku

The mining site is located at a large iron sand rich area on the offshore coast of Dorume village, Ngajam village, Worimoi village and Doitia village, which all are within jurisdictions of North Loloda District at North Halmahera Region- Maluku Province.

The location, also known as “Posowani Block”, - if based on the Zoning Plan for Coastal Areas and Small Islands (RZWP3K) of North Halmahera District- is within 4.0 nautical mile jurisdiction area limit and/or within the Zone of General Utilization.